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Our Mission

The mission of W.I.L.F.S is to provide a community that supports those in our local food scene. Through collaboration, communication, education, and philanthropic fundraising, our network of women is committed to helping one another as well as our communities. W.I.L.F.S. provide fellowship and mentorship, exercise fair competitive practices, and display both encouragement and respect for all fellow members.   W.I.L.F.S. strive to make positive change for both those within the group and within the communities it works with.

How It All Got Started...

In October of 2012, private chef Tracy Kontos decided to start up a group for women in the local food scene that would help promote, support, and encourage women to follow their dreams in the culinary, and food and beverage world…hence W.I.L.F.S. was born!  It’s a nifty group of ladies working with one another to enrich their lives as well as their communities. 


Our group of fabulous ladies meets monthly, and a member of our group volunteeers to host a meeting each month. The host gets exposure to teaching & sharing their talents and business...while everyone else has a learning & networking experience. (To see some of our past events check out the events page.)


Who We Are

W.I.L.F.S is best of all comprised of a variety of people coming from different directions...  Here's a taste of our group:

Chefs, Bakers, Farmers, Coffee Roasters, Food Bloggers, Artisanal Food Entrepreneurs,  PR & Marketing (food related), Food Photography, Health/Nutrition/Fitness, Culinary Teachers, Vintners, F&B Management, Food & Travel Tourism, Food Stylists, Food/Farming Educational Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs (relating to the world of food)... and the list goes on....

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